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Keith, (Akira) I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the great job you did at the ROH event this past weekend. I think it was some of the best sound that we've ever had at one of those events. Hope to work with you again Keith. -- Alex Lourido Production Director GoFightLive.tv New York, NY. 610-399-5073

Dear Keith, Thank you so much for coming out on our shoot and all the dedication and hard work you put into it.  You showed great enthusiasm for the film throughout the long process of production, through cold weather and long nights.  In post sound, you promised that all the sound would be good quality, and you delivered, as we did not have to re-record any ADR. So thank you again. Hope to work with you again soon. Kindest Regards, Tricia Lee Producer / Director A Film Monkey Production Inc.