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Mobile Unit

24 Track Alessis HD24XR

24 ch Soundcraft Ghost / 6 ch U.S. Audio Mix 6

JBL Century L100 Monitors / Bryston / Klarke Tiknic drive rack

Full compliment 'FX' rack with high resolution recorder

32 ch transformer balanced splitter


Studio A

72 input Soundcraft DC2020 with flying fader automation

24 track analog tape / 24 track digital hard disk

Tannoy System 12DMT bi-amped monitor system / Bryston 4B per side

Architect: Pilchner & Associates - Reflection free zone design



Edit Suite

Mac Pro series / dual 24" screens

Digi 002 rack / Alessis 7.5 monitors / Bryston 2B

Edirol Pro-4 high resolution recorder/ Rolls MX6 mixer

Final Cut Studio suite

Avid Media Composer/ Adobe After Effects

Pro Tools DV